Precision Global Consulting



Precision Global Consulting is a workforce management platform that employs workers on our client’s behalf.


We engage directly with your workforce and take on legal responsibility for those workers – employees and independent contractors – managing payroll, taxes, insurances, benefits, contracts, compliance and day-to-day HR issues for you. We’re proactive, working closely with you to make the process seamless and the complex simple.


Our can-do team is trusted to deliver our innovative solutions throughout North America. Our in-house legal team will help you navigate the complexities of using a contingent workforce across the US and Canada. Powered by people, driven by our custom technology Precision, our hands-on market experience and know-how make your back office processes run like clockwork.


We work with you as partners and our team becomes an extension of yours. You’ll find us accessible and efficient, with industry-specific knowledge and expertise, advising on day-to-day issues and bigger operational challenges.



Catriona O’Kane

Business Development Manager



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