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Is your organization dealing with skill gaps and difficulty attracting the needed talent to achieve your business goals?


Companies, like yours, are looking for the right staffing firms to work with. You are likely looking for a valued partner, a firm that understands you and your company, offers value to you, and one that lives by a specific code of ethics.Large MSA Logo

The Massachusetts Staffing Association is a chapter of the American Staffing Association. Our member staffing firms are the elite of the greater Massachusetts community. As members, they agree to subscribe to higher principles and our collaborative code of ethics.

These firms are talent specialists providing New England and the country with unprecedented value and quality people. Our member staffing firms seek to be partners with their hiring companies, job seekers, staff, and contractors.

MSA Member Firms Provide Talented People Within:

  • Accounting & Finance Staffing
  • Administrative Staffing
  • Creative & Marketing Staffing
  • Healthcare, Locum Tenem, Scientific and Clinical Staffing
  • Information Technology and Engineering Staffing
  • Legal Staffing
  • Manufacturing & Light Industrial Staffing

Before selecting a firm to work with, be sure to confirm that they are members of the Massachusetts Staffing Association. Feel free to search our membership directory for firms to work with by clicking here.

MSA member staffing firms deliver the workforce solutions you need to achieve a better bottom line.

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