Code of Ethics

3d imagen Core values issues and concepts word cloud backgroundAs a condition of membership in the Massachusetts Staffing Association (MSA), each member pledges its support of, and adherence to, the principles set forth below. Through their compliance with these principles, MSA members acknowledge that such compliance is in the best interests of the staffing services industry, its customers, and its employeesMSA members agree to:

      • Comply with all laws and regulations applicable to their business, and to maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct in the operation of that business and in their dealings with employees, customers, and competitors;
      • Treat all applicants and employees with dignity and respect, and to provide equal employment opportunities, based on bona fide job qualifications, without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, or disability;
      • Maintain the highest standards of integrity in all advertising, and to assign the best-qualified employees to fill customers’ needs;
      • Determine the experience and qualifications of applicants and employees as the staffing firm deems appropriate to the circumstances, or as may be required by law;
      • Explain to employees prior to assignment their wage rate, applicable benefits, and hours of work — And to promptly pay any wages and benefits due in accordance with the terms of the individual’s employment and applicable legal requirements;
      • Satisfy all applicable employer obligations, including payment of the employer’s share of social security, state and federal unemployment insurance taxes, and workers’ compensation — And to explain to employees that the staffing firm is responsible for such obligations;
      • Determine that employees are assigned to worksites that are safe, that they understand the nature of the work the customer has called for and can perform such work without injury to themselves or others, and that they receive any safety training that may be necessary or required;
      • Take prompt action to address employee questions, concerns, or complaints regarding unsafe work conditions, discrimination, or any other matter involving the terms and conditions of their employment;
      • Observe the following guidelines to ensure an orderly transition when taking over an account being serviced by another staffing firm:
        • The outgoing firm and its employees should, whenever feasible, be given reasonable prior notice that the account is being transferred;
        • Assigned employees of the outgoing firm should, whenever feasible, be allowed to continue working on the payroll of the outgoing firm for some reasonable transition period; thereafter, they should be given the choice of accepting an assignment with another customer of the outgoing firm if one is available, or applying to stay on their current assignment with the new staffing firm.

These principles are not intended to prohibit or discourage any other provisions or arrangements, agreeable to the parties that achieve an orderly transfer of accounts. MSA members are encouraged, whenever feasible, to specifically address the terms and conditions relating to the transfer of accounts in written agreements with their customers.